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AI Investing for a new age

When our team sat down to think about how to make sure we can continue to work on Pluto every day — our goal was clear — we want to maximize the number of people who can draw value from our platform.

Experiment with AI Automation



  • Unlimited backtesting
  • Unlimited strategies
  • Build with Python
  • Build with Blocks
  • 5 AI messages / week

Unlimited AI Automation & Insights



  • Unlimited AI Messages
  • Minute by minute decision making
  • Margin investing




Strategy Building

Custom Indicators

Number of custom indicators you can build


Fundamental Data

Number of fundamental data points you can use



Number of screeners you can build


Default Indicators

Number of default indicators you can use


Trading Timeframe

Lowest timeframe you can trade on

15 minute1 minute

AI Copilot

Strategy AI Copilot

AI copilot to help you build strategies and analyze test results

Market Data AI Copilot

AI copilot to help you analyze market data and fundamentals of your favorite stocks

Portfolio AI Copilot

AI copilot to help you manage your portfolio composition and risk and analyze past trades

Strategy Testing


Backtest your strategies on historical data



Deepdives are an analysis of 20+ backtests over various timeframes


Backtest Result History

How long backtest results are saved for

3 years3 years

Backtest Data History

Years of historical data available for backtesting

20+ years20+ years

Paper Trading (Sandbox)


Number of sandbox portfolios you can build

1 portfolio

Active Strategies

Sandbox portfolios can have unlimited strategies


Active Shields

Shields are micro-strategies for risk management


Results Delay

The results processing delay in sandbox mode. Does not impact performance or accuracy.

15 minute

Test History

How long live strategy results are saved for


Live Trading


Number of live portfolios you can build

1 portfolio

Active Strategies

Live portfolios can have unlimited strategies


Active Shields

Shields are micro-strategies for risk management


Order Fees

Fees for placing orders on live portfolios



Profit Sharing

Pluto shares profit with the community every month


Compete with other community members


Achievements to track your progress

Daily Quests

Daily quests to earn rewards

3 per day3 per day

You've got questions, we've got answers

Frequently asked questions

Are fees charged for paper trading/practice portfolio orders?

No. Practice portfolios are unlimited and free.

Is Pluto responsible for executing trades?

What does Pluto offer?

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