Risk management

Protect your investments with Shield

Stop stressing about the worst case. Pluto Shield can help you protect your investments and sleep soundly at night knowing your returns are safeguarded.

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Always on Risk Control

Invest smarter, sleep better

Shields makes it easy to set up stop loss and take profit orders, so you can limit your potential losses and lock in profits automatically. In addition, our cutting-edge tools and strategies give you more control over your portfolio, allowing you to effectively diversify and hedge against market volatility.

Watch for red flags

Shields provide real-time monitoring of key performance indicators to help you identify red flags before they become a problem. You'll always have a clear picture of your portfolio's health by using Shield to monitor your account continuously. You can watch for problems in:

  • Trade performance

  • Asset performance

  • Strategy performance

  • Overall portfolio performance

Take decisive action

You can have peace of mind knowing that your investments are protected. Once a Shield is triggered, it will automatically take the necessary actions to safeguard your assets. Shield has you covered, whether it's closing a trade or immediately alerting you to the situation.

  • Send an alert to your phone, email, or even pager (if you still use those)

  • Stop trading

  • Close positions

  • Halt a strategy

Protect your investments

92% of Pluto Portfolios use Shield to protect their investments.

Protect a Single strategy

Strategy risk management is easy with Pluto Shield

With Pluto, every strategy you create comes with our comprehensive suite of risk management tools, called Shields. These Shields are not just any ordinary risk management tool, they are specially designed for traders to help you take control of your trading strategy and achieve optimal results. They are easy to use and customizable to fit your own needs and risk tolerance.

A shield for every occasion

We offer a wide variety of Shields for various types of risks you may want to mitigate. You can use them to set stop-losses, take profit levels, and position sizing, as well as other types of risk management techniques. With Pluto's Shields, you have the flexibility to adjust your strategy to fit your personal risk appetite and investment goals.

  • Send an alert to your phone, email, or even pager (if you still use those)

  • Stop trading

  • Close positions

  • Halt a strategy

Stop loss
Take profit
Great day

The Stop Loss shield allows you to set predetermined levels at which your trade will be automatically closed, limiting your potential losses. With our Trailing Stop Loss feature, your stop loss level will adjust dynamically as the market moves, giving you even greater protection.

Protect your whole portfolio

Pluto Shield can watch every trade and strategy in your portfolio

With Portfolio Shields, you can easily monitor your entire portfolio and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Our advanced analytics allow you to identify problem areas and take action to mitigate risk quickly.

Keep an eye on each strategy 24/7

Our strategy loss watchdog allows you to set a threshold for losses for each strategy, and once that threshold is met, it will automatically stop trading for that strategy, providing an extra layer of protection to your portfolio.