Build a portfolio of strategies

Manage your portfolio of strategies all in one place

Your Pluto portfolio can contain unlimited strategies each with its own trades and rules, allowing you to help diversify your investments and manage risk.

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Portfolio management made simple

With Pluto, you have the ability to create a diverse portfolio made up of various strategies. Easily rebalance your allocations with just a few clicks, keeping your portfolio optimized and on track. But that's not all - Pluto's unique "Mind of the strategy" feature allows you to see into the decision-making process of your strategies in real-time, giving you unparalleled insight and understanding. Don't settle for a one-dimensional portfolio.

Rebalancing has never been easier

Keep your portfolio on track with Pluto's intuitive rebalancing tools. With just a few clicks, you can adjust your allocations to ensure your portfolio stays aligned with your investment goals. No more manual adjustments or complicated calculations, Pluto makes rebalancing simple and stress-free.

  • Fine-tune the cash in each strategy

  • Equalize all of your investments

  • Sell everything in an instant

  • Optimize your allocation

Diversify your portfolio with a variety of strategies

Employing a variety of strategies allows for a spread of your investments across different sectors and asset classes, helping to reduce your overall risk.

Pluto streamlines this process, enabling you to easily create a diversified portfolio of multiple strategies. This not only reduces complexity but also saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you. There is no guarantee that any investment strategy with achieve its objectives. Please keep in mind that diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against all losses.

Start your portfolio of the best ideas

Gain insight, gain an edge

See into the mind of your strategy

The ultimate tool for gaining insight into your investment strategies. With this unique feature, you can see into the decision-making process of your strategies in real-time, giving you unparalleled understanding of how they work and where they're headed. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the game, Pluto's "mind of the strategy" feature will help give you the insights you need to achieve your financial goals.

Real-time visbility for real-time success

You'll be able to monitor each rule of your strategies to see how it reacts to new data, allowing you to fine-tune them. With this level of transparency, you can identify areas where your strategies may need adjustments and make real-time changes to help optimize their performance.

  • Adjust the weighting of the assets

  • Change the decision-making criteria

  • Identify problems before

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