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The best investors use data and automation to make decisions. Do you?

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Automated Portfolios


Build a portfolio of automated strategies to watch the markets and make data-driven buy/sell decisions while you sit on the beach or focus on your career.

Automate investing

Build a portfolio of rules for investing in your favorite assets and let automated do the rest. Build a strategy.

Paper Trading

Give your new portfolio a try before investing with real money. Open a $100k practice portfolio for free.

The tools to win in your hands

Winning is getting harder every day. How will you win?

Outsmart your competition with data driven automations to operate at the speed of the market.

Build Your Edge

Strategies on easy mode

If this; then buy.

You don't need code or fancy tools to build an automated portfolio.

Sniff out the best opportunities

What drives your decision to buy or sell a new stock or coin? Use data to get the best results.

Secure your investments.

Always-on risk management from Shields will keep your trades in the green. Control your risk.

Support from the community

Learn from the best.

Diversify your portfolio with pre-made trading systems from industry veterans, all with the touch of a button.

Marketplace access.

Strategies go through our strict and rigorous testing process before they are accepted for our marketplace.

Earn passive income

Offer your own trading system on our marketplace to generate passive income, while protecting your ideas.

Get started in 60 seconds

Automatic investing is a click away.

Remove emotion from your trades.

Kick the FOMO habit — build strategies that trade without emotional bias.

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Stay focused on your system.

Let machines execute precise trades so you don't miss opportunity, and stay focused on your big picture strategy.

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You already have knowledge and skills.

We give you the tools needed to capitalize from your personal playbook. No coding needed.

Seeing is believing

Recent Updates

Here are some of the latest updates from our team.

Practice investing with paper trading

Paper trading is a great way to practice investing without using real money. You can set up a paper trading account with Pluto and use it to test out investment strategies. What is paper trading? Paper trading is a simulated environment where investors can practice buying and selling securities without using real money. This type of trading allows investors to test strategies and get a feel for how the market works without risking their capital. While paper trading may not precisely replicat

Mon Oct 17 2022

2 min read read

Dev Update - Community Rewards

Oh, how time flies. A month went by, and our launch window just hit supercritical. What strikes me the most, however, is how little we’ve talked about you. Yes, the person reading this, the prospective Pluto user who has, to this point, stuck by us and been eager to see us succeed. We can’t thank you enough. But we’re sure as hell going to try. Actually, this has been one of the best-kept secrets of Pluto thus far, and was the detail that, when I was recruited, transformed me from skeptic to t

Thu Oct 06 2022

6 min read read

Pluto in the News: Reuters

Global bond funds saw the biggest outflows in two decades in the first three quarters of this year as hefty interest rate increases by central banks to tame inflation sparked fears of a recession. Governments and companies have borrowed heavily in the past few years, taking advantage of ultra-low interest rates, and they now stare at bigger interest liabilities due to a rise in yields. "The combination of high debt levels and a rise in interest rates has reduced investors' confidence in the go

Wed Oct 05 2022

1 min read read

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