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Meet Pluto, your investing copilot

Harness the Power of AI and Real-time Data

Pluto isn't your average investing copilot. With access to a wealth of high-grade, real-time data, Pluto delivers precise and personalized investing insights, helping you make informed decisions.

A Universe of Data at Your Fingertips

It's like having a personal finance analyst that never sleeps. Pluto has access to an expansive collection of data including real-time price movements, market patterns, social sentiment, short interest, fundamentals, earnings calls and more.

Actionable Insights in Real-Time

Pluto goes beyond presenting raw data. Pluto interprets this data in real-time and uses it to help you make informed decisions based on your unique perspectives on market trends and opportunities.

Harness the Power of AI and Real-time Data


Key Features

Explore, build, and trade. Pluto is designed with you in mind, offering a suite of advanced tools to streamline your investing journey. From customizable data dashboards to automated trading rules, Pluto puts you in control.

Your AI Copilot

Your AI Copilot

Your AI Copilot

Pluto Interact with Plato, your intelligent assistant, to navigate your financial journey.

Data Universe

Data Universe

Access expansive, high-grade real-time data at your fingertips.

Smart Automations

Smart Automations

Smart Automations

Let AI-driven automations handle your investing activities.

Visual Exploration

Visual Exploration

Visual Exploration

Uncover insights with AI-powered data visualizations.

Integrated Investing

Integrated Investing

Explore, build, and trade all under one roof with the Pluto Portfolio.

Future Insights

Future Insights

Schedule regular analysis and updates on your investments.

David M.

Financial Algorithm Engineer

Pluto is an amazingly easy platform to build out, test, and execute automated trading strategies to meet your trading goals.

Pluto is built by investors for investors. Here's what our community has to say.

James Niles

Ph.D. in Economics

The Pluto platform is unique with its focus on portfolios and automation. The ability to back test user designed portfolios and run them in real time is a contribution to the industry. The team at Pluto is happy to help in any way with one-on-one training is available, using Zoom. Pluto offers a strong community of members and run a number of trading contests for their community. The platform would be ideal to be used in the classroom as a teaching aid for portfolio courses.

David K.

Web Developer

As a developer, I love using the Pluto trading platform because it offers a fun and easy way to automate and test trades with your own algorithms!


New Investor

I'm rather new to trading but Pluto helped me a lot with its clean and simple layout. The great team behind it will support you all the time, and you can talk to them in any way that works for you— from weekly Q&As and private messages and emails.

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Get Ahead with Daily AI Insights

Just as the market ebbs and flows, Plato tirelessly updates every dawn and dusk, ensuring you're always equipped with fresh insights for your investing journey.

Hey Plato, what happened in the stock market today?

📅 Happy Thursday! Let's dive into today's market stories.

New Jobless Claims and Q2 GDP Report


  • 📰 Zacks Investment Research reported that new jobless claims were at 204K and Q2 GDP growth was at 2.1%.
  • 📈 This news is positive for the market as it indicates a recovering economy and a decrease in unemployment.
  • 🕰️ Historically, positive jobless claims and GDP growth data have been associated with bullish market sentiment.
  • 🧭 Investors should keep an eye on these economic indicators as they can provide insights into the health of the economy.

September's Stock Market Shakeout


  • 📰 Benzinga reported that only 13% of stocks in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 are trading above their 50-day moving averages.
  • 📉 This news is negative as it indicates a bearish trend in the market.
  • 🕰️ Market corrections have occurred in the past, and they often present buying opportunities for long-term investors.
  • 🧭 Investors should remain cautious and consider their risk tolerance and investment horizon when making decisions.

Stocks Rebound as Dollar and Treasury Yields Retreat


  • 📰 Stocks rebounded on Thursday as the dollar and Treasury yields declined. Tech stocks and Bitcoin also saw gains.
  • 📈 This news is positive as it indicates a return of risk appetite in the market.
  • 🕰️ Market rebounds have occurred in the past following periods of volatility and uncertainty.
  • 🧭 Investors should monitor these market movements and consider their potential impact on their portfolios.

S&P 500 and Nasdaq Futures Rise Despite Soaring Bond Yields


  • 📰 Despite rising bond yields, S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures are increasing. This is driven by higher crude oil prices and Treasury yields.
  • 📈 This news is positive as it indicates resilience in the equity markets despite challenges in the bond market.
  • 🕰️ There have been instances in the past where equities have performed well despite rising bond yields.
  • 🧭 Investors should keep an eye on the interplay between bond yields and equity markets as it can influence investment decisions.

Potential Volatility Ahead Due to Quarterly Options Expiry


  • 📰 The expiry of quarterly options on Friday may cause increased volatility in US stocks, potentially leading to a fourth consecutive weekly loss for the S&P 500 index.
  • 📉 This news is negative as it indicates potential market turbulence ahead.
  • 🕰️ Options expiry dates have historically been associated with increased market volatility.
  • 🧭 Investors should be prepared for potential market fluctuations and consider their risk tolerance when making investment decisions.


Did You Know?

The term "shakeout" in the stock market refers to a situation where weaker players are forced out of the market due to adverse conditions, leaving only the stronger players behind. This often happens during periods of market correction or bearish trends.

Stay curious and have a great week! I'll be back with another update tomorrow at the same time! See you then. 🚀


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