Unleash Your Investing Strategies

Unleash Your Investing Strategies

Unleash Your Investing Strategies

Build, test, and deploy investing strategies with our cutting-edge tools and support from our community of market wizards.

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11M orders

Pluto has processed over 11 million orders

100k backtests

Pluto users have tested their strategies 80k times.

$250k FDIC Insurance

Your deposits with Pluto are insured up to the FDIC limit.

Simplifying Automated Trading

Your trading system shouldn't feel like a second job

Focus on the idea behind your strategy while we handle the rest. With Pluto, you can easily automate your trades and let the system do the heavy lifting, giving you more time to focus on what matters most – trading.

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See What Pluto Can Do For You

Explore Pluto's Powerful Features and Tools

Take a closer look at Pluto's intuitive dashboard, cutting-edge tools for automated trading, and data visualization capabilities. With screenshots of our platform in action, you'll get a feel for the power and simplicity of Pluto's platform. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, these images will show you how Pluto can help you take your investing to the next level.

Revolutionize Your Trading with Python

Focus on Strategy, Not the Details

Ditch the hassle of building trading strategies and say hello to Pluto's Python SDK which will help you execute advanced strategies. Pluto automates the mundane parts of trading so you can focus on what really matters - building a winning strategy.

Separate your Risk Controls

With Python Strategies, you can easily apply risk controls as automated shields separate from your trading logic. This means you can focus on building a winning strategy while the system automatically manages risk for you.

Automate Trading for Better ROI

Python Strategies allows you to easily write, test, and execute your trading strategies with the Pluto SDK. You can leverage advanced trading tools like event-driven and interval-driven execution, as well as quickest and deepdive integration, to improve your ROI and stay ahead of the game.

Focus on Strategy, Not the Details

David M.

Financial Algorithm Engineer

Pluto is an amazingly easy platform to build out, test, and execute automated trading strategies to meet your trading goals.

Pluto is built by investors for investors. Here's what our community has to say.

James Niles

Ph.D. in Economics

The Pluto platform is unique with its focus on portfolios and automation. The ability to back test user designed portfolios and run them in real time is a contribution to the industry. The team at Pluto is happy to help in any way with one-on-one training is available, using Zoom. Pluto offers a strong community of members and run a number of trading contests for their community. The platform would be ideal to be used in the classroom as a teaching aid for portfolio courses.

David K.

Web Developer

As a developer, I love using the Pluto trading platform because it offers a fun and easy way to automate and test trades with your own algorithms!


New Investor

I'm rather new to trading but Pluto helped me a lot with its clean and simple layout. The great team behind it will support you all the time, and you can talk to them in any way that works for you— from weekly Q&As and private messages and emails.


Financial Services Professional

Pluto is an awesome platform! It is educational for all investors and has a very simple sign-up process. The customer service is great, ethical, and professional.

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Start building your investing strategies today with Pluto's powerful tools and resources, available for free to all users.

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