Power up your portfolio

Power up your portfolio

Power up your portfolio

Build your best investment strategies with our cutting-edge tools and join our community of market wizards in a next-level trading arena.

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11M orders

Pluto has processed over 11 million orders

80k backtests

Pluto users have tested their strategies 80k times.

83% beat the market

Most of Pluto's users beat market benchmarks

$10k+ in prizes

Competitors have won over $10k in prize money.

Game On

Level up your trading game

Test and refine your strategies with real data and sophisticated tools

Your own rules

You get tools to build a strategy fit for you. We don't offer investment advice.

Explore in a sandbox

Take your strategies for a spin in the sandbox before investing a penny.

Level up your trading game

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Fire up your growth engine

Build a portfolio of your strategies to make informed data driven decisions.

Knowledge is wealth

With Pluto, you don't invest in a black box. We provide you with the tools to build a portfolio just like the top hedge funds.

Invest smarter

Explore and test investment strategies with Pluto without the risk of investing in a mystery. Empower yourself with the same tools top hedge funds use and build your winning portfolio.

Fire up your growth engine

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